Monday, September 15, 2014

Book Review

I enjoyed this story. Hidden Flaw by Doree Depew is an easy read novella. The author developed the heroine's feelings of insecurity after losing a limb in the military really well.  What I loved was the way the hero saw past her handicap. It was a story of hope and love. I'd highly recommend it.

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey

Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's Release Day!

My story, A Tug At My Heart, released today.  It's available in ebook format exclusively on

In 1892 only a strong woman can survive alone after her husband’s death.  Catherine McHenry is determined to do just that, and amidst the torrential rain and storms, threats of wild animals, and hard work, she finds a way to deliver her baby and survive the long winter.  Determined to raise her child and keep the memory of her husband alive, she’s not prepared for the turbulent feelings she has whenever Zed Logan is around.

Zed Logan is the foreman of the Sundown Mine and Ore Company and hopes one day to be the boss.  Zed struggles to keep the La Plata mine operating efficiently, keeping miners working, and producing the ore his boss is expecting. He’s also a man of honor who is betrothed to the boss’s daughter, but whenever he thinks about the beautiful grieving widow, something about her tugs at his heart.

Just when Zed feels like he’s on the path to gain everything he planned for, his life spirals out of control and he must face some difficult decisions. But that’s the easy part as life throws several obstacles his way and right into Catherine’s world.

She now holds his life and his fate in her hands.
The print book should be available shortly.

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Inspires A Book Location?

Whenever I read someone's book, I find myself wanting to be in the same places, experience the views, and see what the characters are seeing.  Don't you?

This weekend I took some pictures of the area that inspired my new western historical, A Tug At My Heart.  I thought I'd share some of them with you.

 Can you imagine riding in a buckboard down this dirt road where the trees are tall and the underbrush is thick?  This would be one of the roads I imagined Catherine (the heroine in A Tug At My Heart) travels taking baked goods and mending to the miners in La Plata.  It's a gorgeous area, but at night, it gets really dark unless there is a full moon.  Tree bats fly when the sun goes down. We've seen mountain lions and heard of bear sightings in the area so she definitely would have reason to be nervous of the night sounds in the dark night.

This late in the fall, most of the pretty wildflowers have dried up, but we were able to capture pictures of the Indian Paintbrush that dots the hillside. The pretty orange flowers peek through the thick foliage and add lovely color to the landscape.

Everywhere you can see the small purple daisy-like flowers I've been told is chamomile.  I talk about chamomile in my story. It's often used for tea.

 Here and there are small yellow flowers. I don't know their name, but they grow alongside the dirt trails and road.

In my story, A Tug At My Heart, Catherine and Zed share a picnic on the hillside where these flowers dot the view alongside the Indian Paintbrush. Even in the fall when most of the grasses are drying out, the flowers make it a lovely place to relax and have a picnic.

Tall sunflowers bloom at the bottom of what we call Rocky Ridge.
Years ago, that ridge was called Rattlesnake Pass.  Even today, we see a lot of rattlesnakes going over that pass. The above picture is what Rocky Ridge looks like today.
I hope this gives you a bit of an insight into the location of my book, A Tug At My Heart.  It's my first western historical romance, and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

A Tug At My Heart should be available shortly.

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

La Plata, Utah - A Utah Ghost Town

Did you know the town of La Plata, Utah only existed for about three years? Oh, I'm sure there were miners still there after most of the town closed up, but according to my research, the little mining town was only a viable place for three short years from 1891 to 1894.

I came across an interesting tidbit about La Plata. There were no houses of ill repute. When most every western mining town during that period had brothels and cribs for prostitutes, La Plata didn't allow them. There's a story that one day a wagon carrying three young prostitutes came into town and tried to set up business. They were ran out of town because most of the miners were family men from religious families.

I remember visiting the old town site years ago when we could still ride our ATVs up into the town and around the old mine shafts. The street was narrow and rather steep. A small river ran down the side of the road. You could see seen the foundations of some old buildings along each side of the road. Have any of you been to the old town site? If so, I'd love to hear from you.

Doesn't La Plata sound like a great place to use as a setting for a western story? Well, it is in my newest book, A Tug At My Heart.

A Tug At My Heart should be released shortly in e-book format and the print book will be available soon after that.

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Believe in Yourself

Always remember
You are braver than you believe
Stronger than you seem and
Smarter than you think!

I came across this thought in a magazine and today I really needed to read it so I thought I'd share it with you.  There are days when it seems nothing goes right and I just want to give up. Do you ever have those thoughts?

So, as I read through the thought I realized that I've always used the motto - you can do what you set your mind to.  I can be brave and strong and smart. I can accomplish what I set out to do by taking things one step at a time.

I remember dreaming about becoming a published author. I never thought I could do something like that. Now, several years later, I have nine stories published. I accomplished one of my dreams, and it feels good.

Just remember how good it feels when you accomplish something. You may have to be a bit brave to take the first step. Stay strong - you can do it!

Have a great day.

K. R. Bailey

Friday, July 18, 2014

Print or E-Book?

Which do you prefer?

It's obvious e-books are taking over the market by storm. Most of my writing friends find they sell way more e-books than print ones.  Some are deciding not to have their books in print at all.

I know I love my Sony e-reader. Hubby gave it to me for Christmas a few years back. It's compact enough to fit in my purse. I always know I've got several books to read without carrying the weight of print books. As I get older (oh, did I really admit that?) I love being able to increase the font size for easier reading. If something happens to my e-reader, I'll be the first one in line for a new one.

But some say there's nothing like holding a real print book. You can have it autographed for a keepsake. You can save it on a shelf for others to see. It's tangible - one of those things we've come to love over the years.

So I ask you - which do you prefer -- A print book or an E-book?

K. R. Bailey

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Writers Are Unique Characters

It's funny, before I started writing and getting published, I was in awe of authors. They were special, talented people. Now I'm a published author, I'm still in awe of the special, talented people who I've met. I belong to the Romance Writers of America and personally call lots of published authors my friends. They are helpful, supportive people. I'm very lucky to know them.

One thing I'm impressed with is how they find the time to accomplish so much -- complete and publish several books a year, raise children, maintain a happy marriage or relationship, and still find time for social activities.

A friend of mine designed some cute T-shirts that read, "I'm an author. I might be alone, but I'm never alone in my head." It's true. At almost any time, we're developing new characters who become part of our souls, who are close to our hearts until the story we're writing is finished. Then we write 'The End' and have to say goodbye to the characters we've tortured and loved.  But the neat part is we get to start all over and meet new ones, decide what they look like, what their flaws are, and what situations we'll throw them into. A writer's world is constantly changing, but that's a good thing because it means there will always be new stories and books being published and I love that idea.

Where do we get our ideas? I know anything can stir my imagination - a television program, a ride in the mountains, or a thought I read. Ideas are everywhere.

But a word of caution -- you or someone created like you could become a character in a story. but it's okay because romance writers always create stories with happy endings!

Just some food for thought as you pick up your next book --

Happy Reading!

K. R. Bailey